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Biography - Stephen Quiller

Stephen Quiller is a member of the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, Rocky Mountain National Water Media, National Society for Painters in Acrylic & Casein, Watercolor West and is an American Watercolor Society Dolphin Fellow. He has written six books on color and watermedia including Color Choices, Painterís Guide to Color, Acrylic Painting Techniques and his new book Water Media Painting with Stephen Quiller, all published by Watson-Guptill Publications, New York. He has been awarded the (2009) Nicholas Reale Memorial Award, Hal P. Moore Award, the Louis Kaep Award, the Winsor & Newton Award, Didi Deglin Award and the Walter Greathouse Medal with the American Watercolor Society and the Philadelphia Watercolor Society Award at the National Watercolor Society among others. He had done twelve educational painting videos and DVDís for Crystal Productions and the Jack Richeson Company. He has been painting full time since 1972 and has a home and operates the Quiller Gallery in Creede, Colorado. His work can also be seen at the Mission Gallery, Taos, New Mexico. He does a few selected workshops annually in the United States and overseas.